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Care Homes Urged To Take Up Green Deal

Lima Curtis

CARE homes in the UK are being urged to sign up to the government’s energy saving initiative, the Green Deal.

Birkett Long an Essex based solicitors firm, said saving on energy bills will allow care homes to combat the rising day to day costs of running care accommodation.

The Green Deal was launched in January of this year and allows home and business owners to make their home more energy efficient by providing loans to pay for home improvements such as solar PV panels, solid and cavity wall insulation and condensing boilers.

Instead of the loan being attached to whoever took it out, it would instead be attached to the house, meaning those who moved house would no longer be responsible for the repayments.

However, the Green Deal has been subject to much criticism, mostly down to its complicated structure and high interest rates.

It was also not mentioned in the Budget last week, creating speculation about how seriously it was being taken by ministers.

However, Ed Davey, the secretary for energy and climate change, remains true to his scheme though and claims the initiative will not only help millions of householders keep their homes warm and cosy, but creates thousands of jobs.

Despite the debate over the Green Deal, in just over a month DECC reported more than 1,800 people had signed up, perhaps care home owners will do the same.