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Nearly 2,000 Have Signed Up To Green Deal

Lima Curtis

A GOVERNMENT energy efficiency scheme has seen 1,803 assessments carried out since its launch at the end of January.

On top of this, 77 Green Deal assessor organisations and the 619 Green Deal advisors they employ have also been accredited, showing clear backing from the construction sector.

The Green Deal lets homes and businesses pay for energy efficiency improvements, like insulation or solar PV, through savings on their fuel bills.

Clearly Ed Davey, the energy and climate change minister, was relieved about this after months of distrust from colleagues and opposition.

He said today’s figures are a clear sign the initiative has hit the ground running and it was hugely encouraging to see this level of interest in such a short period.

However, he conceded it could be a while before the government and the market know exactly what is going on.

He said: “Of course the Green Deal is a market where the customer is fully in charge, a world away from the centrally driven schemes of the past. Consumers in control means that they determine how and at what pace to proceed in the Green Deal, so it may take a while before a complete picture of what is happening in this market emerges.

“The first evidence today clearly underlines that consumers are showing a healthy interest in making their homes warmer and tackling their rising bills and the Green Deal is very much up and running.